GREEN TODAY plays many of the hit songs from GREEN DAY’s 20-plus year career. For private and special events, GREEN TODAY can perform your favorite GREEN DAY song with prior notice. Below is a sample of songs that GREEN TODAY performs regularly.

Song Album Year Released
2000 Light Years Away Kerplunk 1992
Christie Road Kerplunk 1992
Longview Dookie 1994
Welcome to Paradise Dookie 1994
Basket Case Dookie 1994
When I Come Around Dookie 1995
She Dookie 1995
J.A.R. Angus: Music from the Motion Picture 1995
Geek Stink Breath Insomniac 1995
Brain Stew Insomniac 1996
Jaded Insomniac 1996
Walking Contradiction Insomniac 1996
Hitchin’ a Ride Nimrod 1997
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Nimrod 1997
Redundant Nimrod 1998
Nice Guys Finish Last Nimrod 1999
Minority Warning 2000
Warning Warning 2000
Waiting Warning 2001
Castaway Warning 2000
Blood, Sex, & Booze Warning 2001
Macy’s Day Parade Warning 2001
American Idiot American Idiot 2004
Boulevard of Broken Dreams American Idiot 2004
Are We the Waiting American Idiot 2004
St. Jimmy American Idiot 2004
Holiday American Idiot 2005
Wake Me Up When September Ends American Idiot 2005
Jesus of Suburbia American Idiot 2005
Whatsername American Idiot 2004
Know Your Enemy 21st Century Breakdown 2009
21 Guns 21st Century Breakdown 2009
21st Century Breakdown 21st Century Breakdown 2009
Last of the American Girls 21st Century Breakdown 2010
Oh Love ¡Uno! 2012
Let Yourself Go ¡Uno! 2012
Nuclear Family ¡Uno! 2012
Stay The Night ¡Uno! 2012
Stray Heart ¡Dos! 2012
99 Revolutions ¡Tre! 2012
Bang Bang Revolution Radio 2016
Still Breathing Revolution Radio 2016
Revolution Radio Revolution Radio 2016